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A curtainside vehicle allows full loads, less than full loads, and non-standard loads to be packed and transported with ease, but it also provides a protected environment that a standard flatbed simply can’t.

At CG Haulage, we’ve added curtain side haulage vehicles to our fleet, and our expert haulage team is ready to bring you the benefits of these brand-new haulage solutions. 

When and Why to Use Our Curtain Side Haulage Services

A curtain side truck or van has a large rear storage trailer, and it can be opened at the rear like traditional enclosed options. However, it also has full-length “curtain doors that allow the sides of the storage compartment to be fully opened.

This makes loading nearly anything into the transport vehicle just as easy as loading a flatbed lorry, but it also offers the protection of a trailer or transport van. Regardless of whether you’re a  company that needs to transport automotive parts and industrial machines or a small construction business that needs to quickly transport building materials to a job site, our curtain side haulage services can help you. We can even be of service to non-business customers during moves, renovations, and more.

Benefits of Our Curtain Side Haulage Services

Our curtainside haulage services offer many benefits that more traditional options simply can’t compete with. Here are just a few of the ways you or your company will benefit from hiring CG Haulage for our comprehensive curtain side services.

  • Easy and fast loading.
  • Capable of large or small loads.
  • Capable of hauling non-standard loads with ease.
  • Unmatched protection from the elements and road hazards.
  • An experienced haulage team.
  • Fair and reasonable prices you’ll love.

Examples of Curtain Side Services in Action

Our curtain side haulage vehicles can be deployed for most haulage scenarios. Here are just a few examples of when our curtain side haulage services can help you.

  • Transporting building materials to and from a job site.
  • Transporting machinery to a new location.
  • Transporting agricultural supplies and tools.
  • Transporting non-standard loads that need the protection of a trailer or van.
  • Transporting small loads more effectively than a large trailer.
  • Organizing loads based on your route instead of the weight of each delivery.

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If you need the protection of a van, but the easy loading capabilities of a flatbed lorry, contact CG Haulage today and ask about our curtain side haulage services. Our expert team of haulage specialists can meet your needs and handle your delivery on time and at a reasonable rate.

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