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Are you eagerly searching for the best Hiab hire service in the UK? You’ll be pleased to know that your search ends here because we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

CG Haulage works with numerous highly reputable companies that specialize in moving all sorts of objects across the UK. We provide state-of-the-art Hiab cranes to assist you in efficiently moving large, awkward, or even fragile items to addresses inside the UK. Thanks to our highly skilled and experienced team at CG Haulage, you can expect the highest standards and quality of customer service while allowing us to assist you with our remarkable services.

Customer convenience is our top priority! For this reason, we are willing to go far and beyond to ensure that you get to access our services in the comfort of your home. To book Hiab hire near me, simply reach out to our team at 07836 377 799 and allow us to take care of the rest!

What Is A Hiab Crane?

Essentially, a Hiab crane is a truck vehicle that has a crane mounted on its back. The vehicle consists of a standard cab at the front, with the crane typically attached right beside it. This is followed by ample storage space that is used to hold the goods that need to be transported.

Such cranes are used in loading and unloading heavy cargo, as well as transporting it from one place to another. CG Haulage assists you with high-quality Hiabs with the capability of lifting up to 12 tonnes of cargo.

Benefits of Hiab Crane

Are you unsure about whether or not a Hiab crane is the right choice for you? Here are some amazing benefits of using CG Haulage Hiabs that will surely help in clearing up your doubts.

  1. Hiab cranes are easily accessible! A traditional crane generally needs to be taken apart and transported in parts to be able to use it, whereas, a Hiab crane is a single unit and can access difficult sites with ease.
  2. These trucks can be used for multiple purposes and for various industries, such as Agriculture, construction, marine, retail, and more!
  3. Unlike traditional cranes, which require preparation of site with foundation and support pads, Hiab cranes don’t require any site preparation; therefore, they are much more time and cost-effective.
  4. In comparison to other alternatives, Hiab cranes are a much more preferable option for transporting large and heavy items because of the abundant storage space that these vehicles provide.
  5. The strong crane machinery that these vehicles provide can be used to lift heavy objects with ease; therefore, greatly reducing human effort.

Uses of Hiab Crane

A Hiab crane is a multi-purpose vehicle that can benefit you or your industry in various ways. These vehicles are highly recommended for transporting large and heavy goods, such as industrial machinery, furniture, raw material, and more! A Crane truck is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can withstand enormous weights, making it perfect for transporting goods over long distances.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 07836 377 799 and acquire our incredible Hiab hire service right now!

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