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Our reputation as a trusted and time-served haulage contractor has been built over decades of reliable service to customers of all sizes.

As you will see from our customer testimonials below, that reputation is firmly based on treating all consignments with the same care and control. Whether it’s single pallet transport or full load road haulage.

We make our logistics and transport expertise available to customers too, to help them problem solve and find the best road haulage solutions, at the best prices.

Some customers need a one-off price for specific transport, distribution and delivery in the UK. CG Haulage is always quick to respond to single journey requests.

However, we also offer favourable delivery contracts for organisations looking for the best haulage services.

Perhaps you need emergency commercial haulage services for goods, equipment, machinery or components, or same-day road transportation help? For many UK delivery and collection services in the Essex area and beyond, we can respond in hours.

CG Haulage blends its high calibre customer service with operational efficiency. This keeps our road transportation service costs as low as possible while enabling us to still invest in expanding our own business and its fleet

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